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Food, Glorious Food (Inc.)

This film is a beautiful thing! Not the reality of our industrialized food system, to be sure, but the efforts of Director Robert Kenner and Michael Pollan, our most eloquent advocate for establishing a safe and sustainable food system. I’ve been doing my best to help spread the word for many, many years and am […]

Happy-ness in Healdsburg

Has anyone else noticed that Healdsburg just keeps getting better? I’ve become really quite smitten with this little town for it’s ever-improving eats and shops, and the very do-able-in-a-day distance from San Francisco. It’s just the right speed for a little downtime out of town. 14feet My most recent Healdsburg obsession is 14feet. — a […]

Burger Bliss

As soon as I found out Orson was serving lunch during the week, I hightailed it over. I already knew I’d enjoy sitting at the gorgeous marble bar where, even on a gloomy day, beautiful light pours in through the massive skylight. Plus, chef/owner Elizabeth Falkner always has something new up her sleeve that I’m […]

Holy Crack!

I spied these little innocent-looking cookies, all sweetly packaged, and brought a batch home to try. After a morning filled with sorting receipts, invoicing, attending to the bazillion emails lurking in my inbox and tracking down produce that’s 4 months out of season (tasks that are among the joys of being a food stylist), I […]

Loading Dock Luncheon

The first day our lunch showed up at the studio in this packaging, I was hooked before I even took a bite. Packaging pushover, that’s me. AND it’s all compostable — extra points! So then I learn it’s Doug Monsalud (of the famed LRE Catering) and his crew that are behind the brainchild kitchenette. They’re […]

Haute Coach

Innovations on the food scene spurred by the times are makin’ me smile from ear to ear. Laurent Katgely, chef/owner of Chez Spencer, now has the haute-est mobile menu around. He’s made a long-time desire come true with Spencer on the Go! In his converted taco truck, Laurent is bringing his Chez Spencer grub to […]

Stayin’ Local for the Holiday Weekend

After the fog moved my outdoor garden brunch with friends indoors, I was happy to bookend my day with the splash of garden colors in the mural adorning a space that is so refreshingly different from the ubiquitous wood table, wood chair, concrete floor uniform of SF eateries of late. Midi is fresh on the […]

Los Mercados de Los Angeles

In the past several months, I’ve been the lucky recipient of two beautiful gifts from Mercado in Silverlake. It’s a different and unique kind of marketplace — one I was smitten with before I even stepped foot inside the door. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I’m a sucker for packaging and […]