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Food, Glorious Food (Inc.)

This film is a beautiful thing! Not the reality of our industrialized food system, to be sure, but the efforts of Director Robert Kenner and Michael Pollan, our most eloquent advocate for establishing a safe and sustainable food system. I’ve been doing my best to help spread the word for many, many years and am […]

Happy-ness in Healdsburg

Has anyone else noticed that Healdsburg just keeps getting better? I’ve become really quite smitten with this little town for it’s ever-improving eats and shops, and the very do-able-in-a-day distance from San Francisco. It’s just the right speed for a little downtime out of town. 14feet My most recent Healdsburg obsession is 14feet. — a […]

Burger Bliss

As soon as I found out Orson was serving lunch during the week, I hightailed it over. I already knew I’d enjoy sitting at the gorgeous marble bar where, even on a gloomy day, beautiful light pours in through the massive skylight. Plus, chef/owner Elizabeth Falkner always has something new up her sleeve that I’m […]

Holy Crack!

I spied these little innocent-looking cookies, all sweetly packaged, and brought a batch home to try. After a morning filled with sorting receipts, invoicing, attending to the bazillion emails lurking in my inbox and tracking down produce that’s 4 months out of season (tasks that are among the joys of being a food stylist), I […]

Loading Dock Luncheon

The first day our lunch showed up at the studio in this packaging, I was hooked before I even took a bite. Packaging pushover, that’s me. AND it’s all compostable — extra points! So then I learn it’s Doug Monsalud (of the famed LRE Catering) and his crew that are behind the brainchild kitchenette. They’re […]

Haute Coach

Innovations on the food scene spurred by the times are makin’ me smile from ear to ear. Laurent Katgely, chef/owner of Chez Spencer, now has the haute-est mobile menu around. He’s made a long-time desire come true with Spencer on the Go! In his converted taco truck, Laurent is bringing his Chez Spencer grub to […]

Stayin’ Local for the Holiday Weekend

After the fog moved my outdoor garden brunch with friends indoors, I was happy to bookend my day with the splash of garden colors in the mural adorning a space that is so refreshingly different from the ubiquitous wood table, wood chair, concrete floor uniform of SF eateries of late. Midi is fresh on the […]

Los Mercados de Los Angeles

In the past several months, I’ve been the lucky recipient of two beautiful gifts from Mercado in Silverlake. It’s a different and unique kind of marketplace — one I was smitten with before I even stepped foot inside the door. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I’m a sucker for packaging and […]

Camino Royale

I’ve never seriously contemplated living in the East Bay, but for the first time I thought I could actually consider it if I were able to live around the corner from Camino. For awhile now, I’ve been drawn to smaller dining venues, but the wide open space at Camino won me over with its stunning […]

Maybe Just One More…

Velvet da Vinci is, hands-down, the most brilliant jewelry/sculpture gallery I know. The owners, Elizabeth Shyppert and Mike Holmes, have been culling and curating their fantastic shows since before I lived around the corner from their original store in Hayes Valley (which was long before that strip of Hayes Valley was a tony address). Being […]