Holy Crack!

I spied these little innocent-looking cookies, all sweetly packaged, and brought a batch home to try. After a morning filled with sorting receipts, invoicing, attending to the bazillion emails lurking in my inbox and tracking down produce that’s 4 months out of season (tasks that are among the joys of being a food stylist), I opened up the bag of Clarine’s Florentines. Whether that was after lunch or in place of it, I can’t recall. At any rate, this photo (above) was taken at approximately 1:37 pm.

Six florentines later and with a still seemingly insatiable craving for more, this photo was taken at approximately 4:08 pm to document my newest food addiction. Not that this has in any way *replaced* my addiction to Sweet Revolution caramels, mind you. I just now have to add even more mileage to my weekly runs. Thanks, Clarine! Love ya. Mean it.

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  1. binko
    binko says:

    I should try it, too! I think I can break your record easily :-)

    We can run together afterward, desho?

    Thanks for the info, always

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    where did you find these tasty morsels? I am in the middle of a no sugar, no alcohol, no gluten, no dairy, meat or fish cleanse and those sound like a GREAT reward when I finish!

  3. Leena
    Leena says:

    I tried a sample at Rainbow last month and almost bought some But I knew that if I bought them I would eat the whole bag!

  4. jasmine
    jasmine says:

    i saw these at the counter at Holy Meats and knew I had to stay away after reading your story…I don't think I need another addiction although it looks like a good one

  5. CWW
    CWW says:

    Just got off the phone with Clarine after reading here about the Florentines(called to find a Florentine vendor in downtown SF). She didn't know of this post. She does now. Guess you can thank her personally now!

  6. shib
    shib says:

    hidden high on a shelf, one half a day. exercise on serious discipline. i think i was supposed to share the bag with others but that went out the door.


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