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So, it turns out, my first experience working with Saveur magazine is not as a food stylist, but as a photographer of sorts. I was working on an Italian cookbook a few months ago with the wonderful and true professional photographer on the project, Sara Remington. We decided the best way to shoot the fresh pasta would be overhead, but didn’t have a ladder handy.

Sara’s a hard core rock climber, so she just hopped up on a chair and balanced herself on the door handle. I was guest blogging for 7×7 magazine at the time, so it seemed like a great photo op. Little did I know a candid shot of Sara, taken with my dinky point n’ shoot, would be my first ‘professional’ photo credit.

How the shot ended up in Saveur goes something like this: the lovely and talented food writer on the book, Janet Fletcher, sees the photo in my 7×7 blog entry and forwards it to James Oseland at Saveur, who sends it to the photo editor, Paul Love, who tracks me down, et voilá!

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  1. josephine
    josephine says:

    congrats! that's one inventive way to get a photo! even if i was brave enough to attempt to balance myself like that, i wouldn't know how to get down safely.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Just saw your photo in Saveur. As a fellow professional food stylist, I was curious to see your work. You have some truly lovely, inspirational photographs!

    ~Chantel Lambeth


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