Isa – Bklyn

I think you’ve gotta love a place that has a colorful, stitched together, hand-crocheted caftan weather curtain to greet you upon entering from the chilly out of doors.

Even if that’s not your thing, I can just about guarantee the food at Isa will be — the interior too, with spectacular wood working by Taavo Somer.

Isa is a breath of fresh air. Great style. No pretension. Gorgeous plating. Beautiful flavor combos. Perfect execution. Terrific service. I can’t wait to go back.

Killer cocktails. Celray Cup (left): vodka, Chartreuse, celery soda, black pepper. Looking Glass (right): rum, Amaro, ginger beer, molasses.

Bread made in-house, yes! Seeded rye and sour levain. Sweet butter with toasted caraway seed, sea salt and a touch of pepper.

Brussels sprouts (chilled) with yolk, potato and malt.

Mackerel filet with carrots, radish, cilantro and ‘eggmulsion’.

Hanger steak, rutabega (nice), orange wine, leaves, marrow.

Intermezzo: sorrel ice cream, powdered coconut, toasted genmaicha.

Dessert 1: Celeriac, espresso, malt, orange.

Dessert 2: Grapefruit curd, matcha, pistachio.

That was one seriously inspired and inspiring meal.

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