Local’s Corner SF

The folks behind Local Mission Eatery recently added a new member of the family a couple blocks away at Bryant & 23rd, Local’s Corner. It’s got lots of sidewalk space, soon to be filled with outdoor seating.

The daylight streaming in from the walls of windows is phenomenal and the decor is decidedly vintage-hip, fresh and clean. You can also watch the goings on in the small kitchen from anywhere in the dining room, or up close at the counter.

Dinner service hadn’t yet started when I was in recently, but the Daytime menu was in full swing. Sightglass java and fresh-squeezed tangelo juice? I’m in!

Tues-Sun, 8-2, you can get breakfast like this poached egg w/ pink salt and toasted brioche soldiers….

…or you can order up lunch like this creamy turnip soup w/ lemon, evo, brioche croutons and watercress.

For those who love oysters, they’re a house specialty. The rest of the dinner menu is split into Sea, Land and Larder. Personally, I can’t wait to try the trout rillettes and dungeness crab w/ cara cara — well, and then there’s the pork butter.

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