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Velvet da Vinci is, hands-down, the most brilliant jewelry/sculpture gallery I know. The owners, Elizabeth Shyppert and Mike Holmes, have been culling and curating their fantastic shows since before I lived around the corner from their original store in Hayes Valley (which was long before that strip of Hayes Valley was a tony address).

Being a lover of all things sweet, the donut & profiterole display in the window of the gallery caught my eye right away and made me smile outloud. So I walked in to see what else was in store for me and found a super-smart, fun show by artist Lynn Christiansen.

I found chess sets of Chocolate vs. Vanilla

and Good vs. Evil (it’s up to you to decide which side of the board – Fruits & Veggies vs. Sweets & Fries – is good and which is evil). Then there are the profiteroles on the wall, & truffle bracelets and brassieres adorned with ‘good’ and ‘evil’ –again, depending on your personal definition.

and huge donut bangles!

If you can relate to the artist’s statement (below) and you’re in San Francisco, the show is up through Sunday. Enjoy!

Food is my obsession. My heart races, all senses heightened as I stand in a bakery or chocolate shop enveloped by the sublime smells, the exquisite beauty of assorted truffles and pastries, the anticipation of the perfect cupcake. Pure joy!

Food is my obsession. My earliest and my most vivid memories are centered on food. A dropped ice cream cone, a butterscotch candy pulled from my grandfather’s pocket, the ultimate warm cinnamon bun. First comes the memory I can taste… the perfect chocolate cake … then comes the who, where and when.

Food is my obsession. Just one more … one too many.

Food is my obsession. I wear what I eat … both in my body and on my body. To be surrounded by truffles, pastries, ice cream … pure joy!

— Lynn Christiansen
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