Savoring Sicily

lucky me, i got to travel to Sicily to work on a cookbook that will be published next year by Rizzoli.  what an amazing way to experience the wonderfully warm, generous people and incredibly diverse regions.  the wines and food and landscapes are out of this world. and i learned of the deep, rich, layered history.  if Sicily is not on your bucket list yet, it should be!


spectacular scenery
in between

 caffeine with farm fresh milk

first breakfast:
country eggs
and home baked bread

nespole (loquat) fresh off the tree


precious wild strawberries
fava beans everywhere
unique shape of Sicilian lemons
nearly everyone makes their own olive oil
heavenly on fresh grilled zucchini
produce trucks roam every town
ricotta baskets
ricotta drained, rolled and pressed
chile and pepper ricotta
warm, fresh tuma

yes, a cheese pig
dough ‘pillow’

incredible breads
handmade pasta

the hands

wild boar ravioli


linguine with bottarga
phenomenal seascapes
spectacular sea urchins
certain pastry are particular to a town
these are found in only one town
warm, tender dough filled with rich chocolate and fried
a gelato cake from the gelateria in a small town
lemon sorbetto

200+ year old winery

with rainbows over the vineyards

olive trees everywhere
caper plants are the stars of Salina
(one of the Aeolean islands)
negronis at sunset
with a view of active volcanos in the distance
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